On August 15, the Liberal Government announced a snap election that will take place on September 20. CMPAC is committed to help Canadian Muslims across the country to participate in this year’s federal elections.

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Where can I read what each party is proposing?

Check out our Political Party Platform Comparison by clicking HERE.

Click on the Party to read more about their platform.

Liberal Platform

Conservative Platform

NDP Platform

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How do I stay on top of the polling numbers?

There are a number of sites that will keep you informed on election polls.


CBC Poll Tracker

When is voting day?

The official election day Sept. 20 across Canada. Polling places will be open for 12 hours, with the time varying,

Who can vote?

Canadian citizens who are 18 years of age or older can vote, so long as you’re able to prove your identity and address.

If you do not have ID, an elector registered to the same polling station can vouch for you, so long as you declare your ID and address and that person has not vouched for anyone else. There is an exception in the case of long-term care facilities, where there is an ability for someone to vouch for more than one person.

You can use your voter information card as proof of address, but you’ll also need additional ID, whether a utility bill, or a student ID card, or bank statement, for example.

If you have a driver’s licence or other government ID that has your photo, your name and current address, then you only need that one piece, but still bring your voter information card with you.

You can check to see if you are registered to vote, here.

Can I vote in advance?

Yes. While there had been some consideration to an extended weekend voting period, there will be just one election day. But, you can also cast your ballot in-person in at polling places across the country on:

  •  Friday, Sept. 10
  •  Saturday, Sept. 11
  •  Sunday, Sept. 12
  •  Monday, Sept. 13

How do I know what riding I am in?

You can find out what riding you are in, by entering your postal code, here.