Our Team

Nimao Ali

Nimao Ali

Ms. Nimao Ali is a social justice activist and inspirational leader working as an educator for both adults and children for almost 20 years. 

Ms. Ali completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Mathematics at Carleton University and later received an Adult Education Teaching Certificate from Algonquin College and her Principal Qualifications from York University.

Ms. Ali has been appointed by multiple government bodies as an advisor. In 2017, she served as an external adviser to the Minister of Children and Youth Services of Ontario. She is a current board member of Somerset West Community Health Centre. In 2017 she was nominated for the Governor-General Award for her outstanding leadership. 

She has established many community projects over the years both in Canada and internationally. Ms. Ali spent many summers working on aid projects in East Africa, and has also co-founded local organizations undertaking key projects in girls’ education and empowerment in Canada.

She currently serves as the Muslim Chaplain at Carleton University and the principal of the Muslim Association of Canada Abraar Secondary School in Ottawa.

Media Contributions:

CBC: ‘Unique challenges faced by Black Muslim community warrant better understanding, attention’

Ottawa Citizen: ‘Ali, Lawendy and Dwyer: Faith-based mental health supports for students need a boost’

Yaser Haddara

Yaser Haddara

Interim Chair

Dr. Yaser Hadarra has served as a community leader for over two decades establishing some of the most important institutions in Canada. He acts as an advisor to leadership of Canadian Muslim organizations, participates in dialogue in networks for interfaith, anti-hate, anti-violence, and policing. Dr. Haddara is regularly consulted by different levels of government on public policy that impacts the Canadian Muslim community.

Dr. Haddara received a bachelor of engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1991 and a Master’s and Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1993 and 1997. He currently lives in Ancaster and teaches Engineering at McMaster University. 

He has served as the head of the youth department and as a board member for the Muslim Association of Canada, a member of the founding board of Islamic Relief Canada, chair of the board of Islamic Relief USA, and a member of the board of the Settlement and Integration Services Organization. 

Dr. Haddara has served the Hamilton Muslim community in different roles, including advisor to the MSA at McMaster, and in the diversity advisory committee to the Hamilton Chief of Police.

Media Contributions

The Spec: ‘When it comes to Islamophobia, doublespeak seems to be the order of the day’

Sarah Mushtaq

Sarah Mushtaq

Sarah Mushtaq is a graduate of the University of Windsor where she completed an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in science and policy, and continued to complete her graduate studies in marketing, strategy, and project management.

Sarah is an accomplished public speaker, panellist and a contributor to CBC Windsor and the Windsor Star.

Professionally, Sarah helps public and private administrations build diversity, implement inclusive practices, and nurture meaningful organizational relationships. 

Sarah has held several public positions. She has worked with Windsor Regional Hospital and sat on the City of Windsor Diversity Committee among many other boards.

Media Contributions

Windsor Star: Greater Essex County school board can’t fake racial equality’

Windsor Star: Finally, government assistance with childcare costs within reach’

Edmonton Journal: Meaningful action required on hate crimes in Alberta’

Policy Options: ‘The national ripple effects of Bill 62’

Windsor Star: There are still far too few women at the top of big Canadian companies’

Issam Saleh

Issam Saleh

Issam Saleh is a successful entrepreneur in real estate development and CEO of Vivid Homes.

Issam’s public policy expertise involves helping families to overcome barriers when trying to secure employment and housing. As a board member of the Civida, Issam actively works on affordable housing, one of the most critical challenges facing families in Edmonton today.

Issam regularly advises the Alberta provincial government as well as the Edmonton municipal government on public policy that impacts the Muslim community. He also organizes community engagement initiatives for dialogue with elected officials and government officials.

Issam works closely with many local Alberta based organizations in the Muslim community as well as on humanitarian causes and Indigenous affairs. Issam serves as the Director of Community Engagement for the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). Issam is the Chair of the MAC Islamic School in Edmonton. He is also one of the founders of YEG Muslim Vote that educates and encourages Albertan Muslims to participate in local elections.

Media Contributions

Edmonton Journal: ‘Affordable housing is more than just brick and mortar’

The Hill Times: ‘Tackling systemic racism starts with an overhaul within government institutions’

Mohammad Zahid

Mohammad Zahid

Mohammad Zahid is a successful Canadian business leader in the Canada’s energy sector and internationally. He holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.

Mohammad Zahid serves as an advisor to Canadian Muslim organizations on strategic planning and governance, and Islamic jurisprudence. He has helped establish many Canadian Muslim institutions.

Over the years, Mohammad Zahid has met and advised various elected politicians on Muslim community matters.

He is a leading Canadian scholar and renowned for his robust expertise in Islamic sciences. He is a regular lecturer and a khateeb (gives sermons) across the Greater Toronto Area. He has authored and translated a number of books in both Arabic and English.